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SAT Scores Still Matter For College Admission – College Prep Results

Last updated: 08/07/2018

Recently a friend called me.  She was worried.  She’d read a news story explaining how colleges were not using the SAT and she thought I might be struggling with my business. 

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5 Reasons to Take BOTH the SAT and ACT

Last updated: 07/26/2018

Most colleges require either the SAT or ACT and express no preference for either test. That said, significant percentages of students at selective colleges are submitting scores

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Eat Your Way to a Higher SAT or ACT Exam Score

Last updated: 07/22/2018

Preparing for the college admission tests while eating potato chips and drinking cola? You may not be as ready for the SAT or ACT as you think. We talked to dieticians about an imp

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Using the ACT to Get College Scholarship Money - This Lady Blogs

Last updated: 07/21/2018

When your child’s applying to college, it’s an exciting time—but for 99% of us, it’s also a scary time. With the price of higher education creeping ever upwards, the prospe

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Three reasons students should take the ACT or SAT tests multiple times

Last updated: 07/20/2018

As a test prep coach and nationally sought after ACT expert, I am often asked why students of various score ranges should keep testing. In my 22 years as a high school English teac

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5 Common Myths about the ACT test

Last updated: 07/12/2018

As a nationally sought after test prep expert specializing in the ACT test, I have seen and heard it all. From low scores to high scores to numerous success stories, I know the tes

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'Keep the test!' A debate flares over exam-based public high schools.

Last updated: 07/10/2018

New York City is roiled over a question that challenges other US cities, too: Should top-level public high schools be reserved for students with the highest scores on a test, or sh

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Princeton and Stanford drop requirements for essay testing

Last updated: 07/10/2018

Princeton and Stanford universities on Thursday became the latest prominent schools to stop requiring aspiring students to submit an essay score from the ACT or SAT. Stanford’s

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Want to study in the US? This is the TOEFL score you should aim for... - Study International

Last updated: 06/29/2018

You no doubt know that if you want to study in the US or another English-speaking country, you have to prove your language skills are up to scratch by taking the Test of English as

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ACT, Leader in Measurement, Shifts to Focus to Student Success

Last updated: 06/22/2018

For nearly 60 years, the ACT test has played an essential part in higher education admissions and scholarship decisions. For the last three years, the nonprofit developer of the A

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