2018 US Open theme art captures 50 years of greatness

Last updated: 07-12-2018

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2018 US Open theme art captures 50 years of greatness

 For 50 years, the US Open has not only served as one of the greatest tennis tournaments in the world but also as one of the world’s greatest spectaculars. In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the US Open this year, illustrator Ben Wiseman was commissioned to help usher in the next 50 years of the tournament with his 2018 US Open theme art.

In 2004, Kentucky native Wiseman relocated to New York to attend the prestigious Parsons School of Design. Since graduating in 2008, his work has graced the covers of such iconic publications as The New York Times, WIRED, The Wall Street Journal and TIME. And, now, the Brooklyn-based illustrator’s work will be featured at the 2018 US Open, with his design to be used on the front cover of the official tournament program, as well as on tickets, banners and posters.

“The tennis court has such great graphic elements to be inspired by,” said Wiseman. “The ball and the court are such great lexicons to draw from. I was excited to play with those elements.”

Wiseman’s design features a bright yellow tennis ball sitting on the classic blue courts of the tournament, paying homage to when the US Open adopted its famed blue courts in 2005. Inside the ball is the number “50,” representing the 50th anniversary of the US Open in the Open era of tennis. The top of the artwork reads, “2018 US Open,” in the same color yellow as the tennis ball and in a contemporary font to welcome the next generation of tennis greats and fans.

The 2018 US Open marks tremendous milestones in the tournament’s history. After five years, the site transformation of the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, which includes the final construction of the new Louis Armstrong and Grandstand stadiums, the retractable roof over Arthur Ashe Stadium that debuted in 2016 and many other ground innovations, will be complete.

The 2018 tournament will also look to the future of the tournament, with a new logo and visual identity for the event.

“This has been a dream assignment and something I am so proud to be a part of,” Wiseman said. “The fact that I’ve been picked to work on this is incredibly exciting.” 

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