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The Time Crunch on Standardized Tests Is Unnecessary

Last updated: 03/30/2019

Read: How students with “invisible disabilities” make their way to college These parents went to such great lengths to get extra time for their kids only because these tests run...

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August Checklist for High School Seniors

Last updated: 08/13/2018

Here’s what you can do in August so you can head back to school ahead of the class during the college planning process. You’re about to head back to school – as a SENIOR! You...

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5 Ways to Reduce Stress While Applying to College

Last updated: 08/07/2018

If you're a high school junior, you're probably starting to begin the college applications process. While it's not necessarily the time to start writing those essays yet,...

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Only Take the GRE Once | How I Studied | The DPT Diaries

Last updated: 07/22/2018

I remember feeling utterly disoriented before beginning my GRE study; I hadn’t had time to do any research on it beforehand. For years, all I thought about was the MCAT, because...

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Large study finds colleges that go test optional become more diverse and maintain academic quality

Last updated: 04/30/2018

Each year, more colleges announce that they are ending requirements that applicants submit SAT and ACT scores -- joining hundreds of others in the "test-optional" camp. Just...

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