Printable Letter M Worksheets

Last updated: 06-13-2018

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Printable Letter M Worksheets

When you’re using a Letter of the Week program, you focus on teaching one letter of the alphabet at a time to toddlers and preschoolers. So when you get to letter M, you might be searching for fun ways to learn about this letter with your early learners!

The letter M has always been a fun letter and there are many ways to introduce it to little ones, including these printable Letter M worksheets! I love the fact that these printable activities can be very adaptable and some activity packs have a variety of activities that all highlight the letter M and things that start with M!

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1. This printable Find the Letter: M is for Mexico activity is fun for letter practice during a car ride!

2. Is recognizing letters getting easier for your kids? Handwriting is next on the list! Try these M is for Measuring Cup Handwriting Letter Mazes.

3. Combine science and letter recognition with this FREE Magnet Do-a-Dot Printable!

4. This simple, easy-to-prep M is for Mermaid Letter Maze is perfect for your preschoolers!

5. This Free Moon Do-a-Dot Printable is a helpful aid to helping your child learn the shape of the letter M!

6. This Learn to Read Preschool Alphabet Letter M Printable Pack is loaded with non-stop fun with the letter M!

7. This adorable Dot Sticker Page-Letter M Printable is simple, and has lots of different ways form the letter M!

8. This Letter M Worksheets Free Kids Printable is ideal for helping your kids get to know all the words in the “M” world!

9. This Pre-K Letter M Activity teaches your kids to learn the letter M and then has a bonus: you can really use M&Ms! Mmmm!

10. These Letter M Activities for Letter of the Week use lots of pictures to help your children match the word with the item!

11. These Letter M Activities for 2-year-olds are sure to keep your lil’ toddler’s hands busy!

12. These Preschool Letter M Worksheets will give your child a chance to improve in handwriting and coloring!

13. This hand-on M is for Monster activity is perfect for your kids to practice their motor skills!

14. This super-cute Printable M is for Mouse craft is an awesome activity for your kids, even if you don’t like rats!

15. Who doesn’t love music? These Rhymes and Songs for the Letter M are good tools for impressing the letter M on your little ones’ minds!

16. This Free Letter M Animal Alphabet Dots Printable is a two-for-one – it has activities for your child to learn about the letter M and fun facts about mice too!

17. These Letter M Toddler Activities are sure to be tons of fun for your little toddler!

18. Help your children stay on the Ms with this Letter M Maze!

19. And don’t miss this printable M is for Monkeys Maze too!

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