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Last updated: 11-01-2018

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Easy Parenting Tips That Keep Your Family Safe Online - Cool Moms Cool Tips

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These days the kids spend a lot of time on the internet.  They have many apps, games, and devices to easily connect and enjoy themselves.  This also holds true for school.  A lot of the research for projects is done scouring documents online plus plenty of required homework is done directly on fabulous platforms that help kids learn.  Time to use these Easy Parenting Tips That Keep Your Family Safe Online In Today’s Technology Age.

Using the internet is unavoidable nowadays.  Instead of fighting it,  use these Easy Tips That Keep Your Family Safe Online while they are on it.  I do talk about online safety repeatedly with the kids.  However, many parents have spoken to their kids about the dangers that lurk online.  Despite this, kids take risks and do things they are not supposed to.  I am not going to stop talking about it, but this list has helped in a big way:

You can almost hear the technology angels in the background when Cujo secures all devices connecting to the WiFi router.  That is because CUJO detects and blocks malicious sites, viruses, and hacks with blazing speed (it has a 1GB built in Ethernet).  Besides feeling extremely safe knowing Cujo is working for us everytime we are online, my favorite feature is the parental control.  It not only sets limits on usage so I don’t have to be the bad cop, it also:

 Cujo allows for you to control what your kids access online and helps keep them safe.  For someone who doesn’t understand much about how cyber crooks work, having this amazing tool at my disposal is a huge peace of mind.  Good boy Cujo, Good boy.  Available at Best Buy NOW!

How do you Keep Your Family Safe In Today’s Technology Age?

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