UL Innovative Education Award

Last updated: 02-13-2018

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 UL Innovative Education Award

Every year at ULIEA, we are on the lookout for NGOs leading the way in innovative E-STEM programming. With up to $100,000 on the line, you might think small organizations from across the U.S. and Canada would be breaking down our doors to apply. The reality? Smaller organizations often shy away, fearing their small-budget programs cannot compete with the larger, more established programs.

We’re here to put that myth to rest. Not only can small organizations win, but they DO win. One past winning program served as few as 60 youth each year and another program operated on a budget of about USD $20,000! And just imagine the difference $100,000 (or $50,000 or even $25,000) can make in these organizations’ operations.

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